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Your child’s safety and comfort is our priority

Going to the dentist is usually not a child’s favorite thing to do, but when children must undergo more involved dental procedures, it can be a particularly stressful experience for them. However, with the help of anesthesia, children can feel more relaxed and feel little to no discomfort during their treatment. Shortline Dental in Tulsa is actually the only dental practice in all of Oklahoma with its own in-house dental anesthesiologist. That means you can rest assured that when your child is under anesthesia, he or she is also under the very best care.

To ensure that your child’s procedure is as uneventful as possible and that he or she has the most painless recovery period possible, follow the pre-anesthesia care and post-anesthesia care instructions we’ve provided for parents and guardians. 

Contact Us Today For Better Dental Health Tomorrow

Our dentists and staff at Shortline Dental in Tulsa, OK look forward to serving you and your family. Call one of our three Tulsa offices today to schedule a visit, or make your appointment online. We offer flexible office hours, including some weekend hours, and we even accept walk-ins. Shortline Dental believes that high-quality dental care doesn’t need to come with a high cost, so we also gladly accept Medicaid and SoonerCare.

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