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Want A Brighter Smile Worth Showing Off? Our Tulsa Family Dentists Can Help

Less-than-perfectly-white teeth are nothing to be ashamed of, but it isn’t something you have to accept either. Your smile is one of the first things people see, so why not let Shortline Dental in Tulsa, OK help enhance its beauty? Our family dental practice offers a simple, non-invasive teeth whitening (bleaching) treatment that has already given smile-worthy results to many of our patients.

A Few Things to Remember About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening only works on natural tooth enamel, so it is important to evaluate replacement of any old fillings, crowns, etc. Replacement of any restorations will be done after whitening so they will match the newly whitened teeth.

While the results of tooth whitening can last for a while, they are not permanent. A touch-up may be needed every several years, or more often if you smoke, or consume coffee, tea, or wine regularly.


The Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth whitening at Shortline Dental usually requires two visits. At your first appointment, impressions (molds) will be made of your teeth to fabricate custom, clear plastic trays.

At your second appointment, you will try on the trays for proper fit, and adjustments will be made if necessary. The trays will be sent home with a special whitening solution and instructions for use. Length of time will depend on the degree of staining and desired level of whitening.  It is normal to experience tooth sensitivity during the time you are whitening your teeth, but it will subside shortly after you have stopped bleaching.

You will receive care instructions for your teeth and trays. You will also be encouraged to visit your Shortline Dental family dentist regularly to help maintain a beautiful, healthy, white smile.

Contact Us Today For Better Dental Health Tomorrow

Our dentists and staff at Shortline Dental in Tulsa, OK look forward to serving you and your family. Call one of our three Tulsa offices today to schedule a visit, or make your appointment online. We offer flexible office hours, including some weekend hours, and we even accept walk-ins. Shortline Dental believes that high-quality dental care doesn’t need to come with a high cost, so we also gladly accept Medicaid and SoonerCare.

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