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Compassionate Dental Care For Special Needs Patients

The patient profile of Shortline Dental’s Tulsa, OK dental offices is diverse. Serving patients with special needs is a significant part of our practice. While many other dentists can’t treat these patients properly or turn them away completely, we welcome them with open arms because every patient, regardless of disability, needs and deserves great dental care. Our office serves the overall comprehensive restorative aspects of the special needs patient, from endodontic (root canal therapy), periodontal, and prosthetic (dentures) needs, to basic fillings, and diagnostic and preventive dental care services.

The Faces Of Our Special Needs Practice

A snapshot of just some of the special needs patients our Tulsa dentists have been happy to serve include those with:

  • Autism

  • Asperger’s syndrome

  • Alzheimer’s

  • Wheelchair confinement issues

  • Behavior management issues (ADD, ADHD, OCD, bipolar disorder, etc.)

  • Anxiety/phobias

  • History of stroke

  • Neurological impairments

Contact Us Today For Better Dental Health Tomorrow

Our dentists and staff at Shortline Dental in Tulsa, OK look forward to serving you and your family. Call one of our three Tulsa offices today to schedule a visit, or make your appointment online. We offer flexible office hours, including some weekend hours, and we even accept walk-ins. Shortline Dental believes that high-quality dental care doesn’t need to come with a high cost, so we also gladly accept Medicaid and SoonerCare.

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