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The wisdom teeth are a third set of upper and lower molars that hide away towards the back of the mouth. They’re called ‘wisdom’ teeth because they generally appear between the ages of 17-21, when people are old enough to have gained some wisdom. Gaining your wisdom teeth, however,  can be a real pain. Complications caused by wisdom teeth often go ignored and untreated, but why suffer any longer? Pinpoint the cause behind your jaw stiffness and be on your way to better oral hygiene.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

If jaw pain and jaw stiffness are accompanying your headaches, your wisdom teeth may be to blame.  Although these aches may not occur frequently, it could mean that your wisdom teeth are causing some crowding. This happens because the wisdom teeth do not have enough room in your mouth to come in, causing them to push on other teeth, or ‘crowd’. This can make chewing both difficult and painful. You may also notice swelling and redness in the gums. You can use an ice pack on your cheek to temporarily reduce pain and swelling. Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected, which in turn could cause bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. It is important to see your dentist if you are experiencing symptoms associated with an impacted wisdom tooth.

Avoid Further Wisdom Tooth Discomfort

The sooner you catch on to your wisdom tooth pain, the better. Wisdom tooth removal is easier in younger patients, because the roots of the wisdom teeth are not fully developed. Healing up after getting them removed can be a much longer process for older patients. You can also avoid more dangerous complications down the road by getting them removed sooner than later, such as bacterial infections and cysts. Cysts, which are pockets full of fluid, can form around wisdom teeth which are capable of causing permanent damage to your jaw bone and surrounding teeth.

Our Tulsa Dentists Can Help!

Not everyone experiences complications associated with the arrival of their wisdom teeth, but if you are in pain and you suspect your wisdom teeth are to blame, don’t suffer any longer.  If you think your wisdom teeth are the reason behind your discomfort, make an appointment with Shortline Dental today to identify and treat your wisdom tooth pain.

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